Monday, September 28, 2009

Dijual Software Res2Dinv dan Res3Dinv

Dijual software Res2Dinv v3.58.34 Full Version!

RES2DINV ver. 3.58 with support to incorporate water layer into the inversion model for surveys with floating electrodes, global coordinates.
RES3DMOD ver. 2.14 with support for Pentium 4 optimisations, RES3DMODx64 ver. 3.00 64-bit version
RES3DINV ver. 2.16 with batch model option
RES3DINVx32 ver. 2.21 with multi-core support
Driver for Keylok USB dongle for Vista added to Downloads
RES3DINVx64 64-bit ver. 3.02 with support for 128GB RAM, surveys with electrodes at arbitrary positions
Last Updated : Sept. 27, 2009
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Dijual juga software Res3Dinv v2.16.72 Full Version!

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