Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jual Lisensi Runge Xeras v8 Full Version

XERAS, the total budgeting and strategic planning solution has been the mining industry’s trusted financial modelling solution for nearly twenty years.

With decades of experience in mining and an in-depth understanding of the industry’s challenges, RungePincockMinarco's financial modelling solution provides the right answers.

XERAS has been designed specifically for the resource sector and is suitable for any capital-intensive industry. XERAS complements your financial planning process by applying control, consistency and transparency and allows for effective corporate governance.

“First principles” of financial planning underpin all XERAS functions and its meaningful and logical structure ensures rigorous financial discipline.

Easy-to-use navigation tools guide you through the process of building a financial plan that will deliver high levels of visibility, auditability and accountability, and allow you to forecast and re-forecast rapidly and with confidence.

XERAS is a uniquely versatile budgeting tool, perfectly capable of handling short to medium budgeting needs, as well as complete life of project planning.

Plan to deliver value with XERAS.

XERAS solutions
XERAS solutions are customisable additions to the base XERAS package and represent the highest of industry standards in their respective arenas. You can tailor the solutions to fit your mine, to address your problems and to make your budgeting process a smooth and repeatable task.

Each solution’s rules-based models make it easy to adjust variables such as mine production options, mining method and equipment specifics. Because you build from first principles, you can forecast for multiple mining scenarios quickly and effectively.

Price: Negotiable

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